Source code for repo_helper.files.pre_commit

#!/usr/bin/env python
Configuration for `pre-commit <>`_.
#  Copyright © 2020-2021 Dominic Davis-Foster <>
#  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
#  it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
#  the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
#  (at your option) any later version.
#  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
#  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
#  GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
#  You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
#  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
#  Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston,
#  MA 02110-1301, USA.

# stdlib
import functools
import pathlib
import posixpath
import re
from io import StringIO
from textwrap import indent
from typing import Iterable, List, MutableMapping, Union

# 3rd party
import attr
import ruamel.yaml
from apeye.url import URL
from domdf_python_tools.paths import PathPlus
from domdf_python_tools.stringlist import StringList
from ruamel.yaml import YAML
from typing_extensions import Literal, TypedDict

# this package
from repo_helper.files import management
from repo_helper.templates import Environment

__all__ = ["GITHUB_COM", "make_github_url", "Hook", "Repo", "make_pre_commit"]

#: Instance of :class:`apeye.url.URL` that points to the GitHub website.

yaml_safe_loader = YAML(typ="safe", pure=True)

[docs]@functools.lru_cache() def make_github_url(username: str, repository: str) -> URL: """ Construct a URL to a GitHub repository from a username and repository name. :param username: The username of the GitHub account that owns the repository. :param repository: The name of the repository. """ return GITHUB_COM / username / repository
class _BaseHook(TypedDict): #: Which hook from the repository to use. id: str # noqa: A003 # pylint: disable=redefined-builtin
[docs]class Hook(_BaseHook, total=False): """ Represents a pre-commit hook. """ #: Allows the hook to be referenced using an additional id when using pre-commit run <hookid>. alias: str #: Override the name of the hook - shown during hook execution. name: str #: Override the language version for the hook. See language_version: str #: Override the default pattern for files to run on. files: str #: File exclude pattern. exclude: str #: Override the default file types to run on. See types: List[str] #: File types to exclude. exclude_types: List[str] #: List of additional parameters to pass to the hook. args: List[str] stages: List[Literal["commit", "merge-commit", "push", "prepare-commit-msg", "commit-msg", "manual"]] """ Confines the hook to the commit, merge-commit, push, prepare-commit-msg, commit-msg, post-checkout, or manual stage. See """ additional_dependencies: List[str] """ A list of dependencies that will be installed in the environment where this hook gets run. One useful application is to install plugins for hooks such as eslint.""" #: If :py:obj:`True`, this hook will run even if there are no matching files. always_run: bool #: If :py:obj:`True`, forces the output of the hook to be printed even when the hook passes. verbose: bool #: If present, the hook output will additionally be written to a file. log_file: str
def _hook_converter(hooks: Iterable[Union[str, Hook]]) -> List[Hook]: return [hook if isinstance(hook, dict) else {"id": hook} for hook in hooks]
[docs]@attr.s class Repo: """ Represents a repository providing a pre-commit hooks. """ #: The repository url to git clone from. repo: URL = attr.ib(converter=URL) #: The revision or tag to clone at. rev: str = attr.ib(converter=str) hooks: List[Hook] = attr.ib(converter=_hook_converter)
[docs] def to_dict(self) -> MutableMapping[str, Union[str, List[Hook]]]: """ Returns a dictionary representation of the :class:`~.Repo`. """ return { "repo": str(self.repo), "rev": self.rev, "hooks": self.hooks, }
pre_commit_hooks = Repo( repo=make_github_url("pre-commit", "pre-commit-hooks"), rev="v3.4.0", hooks=[ "check-added-large-files", "check-ast", "fix-byte-order-marker", "check-byte-order-marker", "check-case-conflict", "check-executables-have-shebangs", "check-json", "check-toml", "check-yaml", "check-merge-conflict", "check-symlinks", "check-vcs-permalinks", "detect-private-key", "trailing-whitespace", "mixed-line-ending", "end-of-file-fixer", ] ) pygrep_hooks = Repo( repo=make_github_url("pre-commit", "pygrep-hooks"), rev="v1.10.0", hooks=[ "python-no-eval", "rst-backticks", "rst-directive-colons", "rst-inline-touching-normal", # TODO: "python-check-blanket-type-ignore", ], ) pyupgrade = Repo( repo=make_github_url("asottile", "pyupgrade"), rev="v2.12.0", hooks=[{"id": "pyupgrade", "args": ["--py36-plus", "--keep-runtime-typing"]}] ) lucas_c_hooks = Repo( repo=make_github_url("Lucas-C", "pre-commit-hooks"), rev="v1.5.1", hooks=["remove-crlf", "forbid-crlf"], ) flake2lint = Repo( repo=make_github_url("domdfcoding", "flake2lint"), rev="v0.4.3", hooks=["flake2lint"], ) pyproject_parser = Repo( repo=make_github_url("repo-helper", "pyproject-parser"), rev="v0.9.1", hooks=["reformat-pyproject"], # TODO: add check-pyproject ) # shellcheck = Repo( # repo=make_github_url("shellcheck-py", "shellcheck-py"), # rev="v0.7.1.1", # hooks=["shellcheck"] # ) # # yamllint = Repo( # repo=make_github_url("adrienverge", "yamllint"), # rev="v1.23.0", # hooks=["yamllint"] # )
[docs]@management.register("pre-commit", ["enable_pre_commit"]) def make_pre_commit(repo_path: pathlib.Path, templates: Environment) -> List[str]: """ Add configuration for ``pre-commit``. # See for more information # See for more hooks :param repo_path: Path to the repository root. :param templates: """ docs_dir = templates.globals["docs_dir"] import_name = templates.globals["import_name"] stubs_package = templates.globals["stubs_package"] non_source_files = [posixpath.join(docs_dir, "conf"), "__pkginfo__", "setup"] domdfcoding_hooks = Repo( repo=make_github_url("domdfcoding", "pre-commit-hooks"), rev="v0.4.0", hooks=[ {"id": "requirements-txt-sorter", "args": ["--allow-git"]}, { "id": "check-docstring-first", "exclude": fr"^({'|'.join(non_source_files)}|{templates.globals['tests_dir']}/.*)\.py$" }, "bind-requirements", ] ) flake8_dunder_all = Repo( repo=make_github_url("domdfcoding", "flake8-dunder-all"), rev="v0.3.1", hooks=[{ "id": "ensure-dunder-all", "files": fr"^{import_name}{'-stubs' if stubs_package else ''}/.*\.py$" }] ) snippet_fmt = Repo( repo=make_github_url("python-formate", "snippet-fmt"), rev="v0.1.5", hooks=["snippet-fmt"], ) formate_excludes = fr"^({'|'.join([*templates.globals['yapf_exclude'], *non_source_files])})\.(_)?py$" formate = Repo( repo=make_github_url("python-formate", "formate"), rev="v0.7.0", hooks=[{"id": "formate", "exclude": formate_excludes}], ) dep_checker_args = [templates.globals["import_name"].replace('.', '/')] if templates.globals["source_dir"]: dep_checker_args.extend(( "--work-dir", templates.globals["source_dir"], "--req-file", "../requirements.txt", )) dep_checker = Repo( repo=make_github_url("domdfcoding", "dep_checker"), rev="v0.8.0", hooks=[{"id": "dep_checker", "args": dep_checker_args}] ) pre_commit_file = PathPlus(repo_path / ".pre-commit-config.yaml") if not pre_commit_file.is_file(): pre_commit_file.touch() dumper = ruamel.yaml.YAML() dumper.indent(mapping=2, sequence=3, offset=1) output = StringList([ f"# {templates.globals['managed_message']}", "---", '', f"exclude: {templates.globals['pre_commit_exclude']}", '', "ci:", " autoupdate_schedule: quarterly", '', "repos:", ]) indent_re = re.compile("^ {3}") managed_hooks = [ pyproject_parser, pre_commit_hooks, domdfcoding_hooks, flake8_dunder_all, flake2lint, pygrep_hooks, pyupgrade, lucas_c_hooks, snippet_fmt, formate, ] if not templates.globals["stubs_package"]: managed_hooks.append(dep_checker) managed_hooks_urls = [str(hook.repo) for hook in managed_hooks] custom_hooks_comment = "# Custom hooks can be added below this comment" for hook in managed_hooks: buf = StringIO() dumper.dump(hook.to_dict(), buf) output.append(indent_re.sub(" - ", indent(buf.getvalue(), " "))) output.blankline(ensure_single=True) output.append(custom_hooks_comment) output.blankline(ensure_single=True) raw_yaml = pre_commit_file.read_text() if custom_hooks_comment in raw_yaml: custom_hooks_yaml = pre_commit_file.read_text().split(custom_hooks_comment)[1] custom_hooks = [] local_hooks = [] for repo in yaml_safe_loader.load(custom_hooks_yaml) or []: if repo["repo"] == "local": local_hooks.append(repo) elif repo["repo"] not in managed_hooks_urls: custom_hooks.append(Repo(**repo)) for hook in custom_hooks: buf = StringIO() dumper.dump(hook.to_dict(), buf) output.append(indent_re.sub(" - ", indent(buf.getvalue(), " "))) output.blankline(ensure_single=True) for hook in local_hooks: buf = StringIO() dumper.dump(hook, buf) output.append(indent_re.sub(" - ", indent(buf.getvalue(), " "))) output.blankline(ensure_single=True) pre_commit_file.write_lines(output) return []